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Child Development Aide (CDA) Training Program

Upcoming Workshop Dates: To Be Scheduled

Duration: 6 months of training, 6 months of mentorship

Language: English and Hindi

Who can apply: Anyone who works with children (e.g., schools, play groups, creches, orphanages); minimum qualification is 10th standard pass.

Course Overview

The CDA program provides training to workers in the community so they may assist with the pre-emption of disabilities, promotion of typical development, help families with early identification of disability, monitor children at risk, and empower communities that do not typically have access to professional health care.

The Child Developmental Aide (CDA) can help parents promote their child’s development to prevent at-risk children from developing full-blown disabilities. This program aims to serve as a model that may be replicated in communities in India to ensure adequate availability of child care resources to less-than-privileged children and their families.

The training encompasses theory and practical fieldwork under supervision, with more emphasis on the later. This six month intense training is followed by another six months of mentorship at the parent organization of the respective candidates. Support is provided to the candidates through telephone calls and on-site visits by Ummeed’s CDA team.

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Develop skills required for promoting typical child development and educating the community about prevention of disability
Increase ability to identify children at risk for or having developmental disabilities
Develop skills to undertake simple interventions through structured play and educational activities to address the development needs of children
Develop skills to advocate for the child and family in the community by liaising with teachers, doctors, government officials, etc.