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Negotiating Supervision

Upcoming Workshop Dates: To be scheduled

Duration: 9 days across 3 months plus 3 half days of mentorship support

Language: English

Who can apply: Supervisors interested in exploring the use of Narrative ideas in supervision and looking for a peer group to share experiences of supervision

Course Overview

The Negotiating Supervision workshop is based on the key ideas of Narrative practice that apply to supervision.

Supervision is a safe space within which there is learning, developing skills, reflecting on practice and developing a professional identity. It also provides a space to discuss failure, seek reassurance and discuss complex ethical dilemmas.

The workshop will be conducted over a period of 9 full days divided in 3 teaching blocks of 3 days each followed by a monthly ‘continuing the conversations’ meeting for three months after the teaching


Exploration of key narrative ideas in the context of supervision
Development of negotiation skills to manage relationship between supervisor and supervisees
Development of skills to support professional development of supervisees
Support for supervisors in linking lives of their supervisees in ways that support their work
Sharing practices to responding to worker fatigue and burnout using narrative ideas