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Training on Guide to Monitoring Child Development (GMCD)

Upcoming Workshop Dates: TBA

Duration: TBA

Language: English & Hindi (Materials are available in English, Hindi and Marathi)

Who can apply: This training is suitable for community based front line workers and project supervisors who have access to caregivers of children 0-3 years.

Course Overview


To train community health workers on the use of the Internationally standardized monitoring tool – Guide to Monitoring Child Development (GMCD).

Details on the tool and training:

The Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD) is a unique, comprehensive intervention package which is theoretically based in the bioecological, family-centered and strengths-based conceptualizations of child development, and the World Health Organization (WHO) International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF). The primary goal of the GMCD is to promote partnership between the service provider applying the GMCD and the child’s caregivers. This partnership is then guided to enable optimization of the development of the child. The GMCD has been standardized internationally in four diverse countries and can be applied in any country for children aged 0-42 months or with development within that age range without a need for re-standardization or re-validation. The GMCD is different from other methods of addressing early childhood development, which may apply interventions universally without identifying the needs of individual children and families; or use stand-alone screening tools that are not directly linked to interventions.

Requirements/Criteria – Participants need to fulfill the following criteria to be able to train the use of the GMCD

i. Have a basic understanding of typical development (0-3 years). If not previously trained participants need to undergo Ummeed’s two-day training on Introduction to ECD and its importance. Having foundational knowledge about child development in the early years helps community workers in learning and using the tool.

ii. Basic reading and comprehension skills – the tool is an open-ended interview and requires reading comprehension skills to be able to code correctly.

iii. Access to children and families aged 0-3 years for implementation – the interview is conducted with caregivers of children 0-3 years, hence access to families is required for successful implementation.

Mode of training – On-site at partner organization