Ummeed Inclusion Fellowship Program (UIFP) | Ummeed Child Development Center
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Ummeed Inclusion Fellowship Program (UIFP)

Upcoming Workshop Dates: TBD

Duration: 2 Years

Language: Hindi & English (Content in English)

Who can apply: Minimum B.Ed./master’s in special education/master’s in psychology AND Minimum two years of teaching experience or Two years of Fellowship in the space of Education.

Course Overview

UIFP is a 2-year immersive program in which Fellows will be placed in different under-resourced schools within the city of Mumbai. The objective of the UIFP is to build a cadre of Inclusion Champions who will get an opportunity to understand the grass roots realities of India’s education system in the context of inclusion. They will strive to create an ecosystem of inclusive spaces in mainstream education. 


Inclusion Champions will be equipped to: 

  1. Create, promote and implement effective inclusive practices. 2.
  2. Create and facilitate effective trainings for different stakeholders. 3.
  3. Support teachers/ resource persons to identify challenges faced by students with varied needs by conducting informal assessments and observations. 4.
  4. Support teachers/ resource persons to create and implement individualised education plans for children with varied needs. 5.
  5. Support stakeholders by creating safe spaces to facilitate reflective conversations. 6.
  6. Identify partners and leverage shared strengths to deepen and scale impact.