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Ummeed Parent Program for Autism (UPPA)

Upcoming Workshop Dates: TBA

Duration: Thursdays and Fridays for thirteen sessions - from 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Language: English and Hindi

Who can apply: Parents of children with Autism (1-6 years)

Course Overview

Ummeed Parent Program for Autism (UPPA) is a unique parent training-cum-coaching program that helps parents engage and play with their children.

The UPPA program takes parents to their child’s level, and helps them build up attention, participation, communication and play with their child within their natural environment, through their daily routines and activities. The program comprises a combination of group training classes and individual parent-child coaching sessions, which gives parents an opportunity to share with and learn from each other and also to get one-on-one specific direction to maximize their time with their child.

Please call or WhatsApp on 8591291603 for further details.

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Introduce parents to Autism and related challenges with communication and play
Teach parents to work on language and communication through play
Practice techniques taught to children under the guidance of a trained therapist