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Occupational therapy is designed to promote health and well-being by enabling children to participate in the activities of daily living.

Assessment Focus

For children, occupations relate to activities that enable them to:

  • Learn and develop life skills (e.g., preschool and school activities)
  • Be creative or derive enjoyment (e.g., play)
  • Thrive (e.g., self-care and relationships with others)

The assessment examines how these factors impact a child’s communication, social interaction and play skills.


The therapist uses parent interviews and formal and informal assessments to understand a child’s developmental profile with a focus on:

  • Motor (physical and hand skills)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Balance and posture
  • Muscle tone
  • Sensory integration
  • Play skills
  • Self-care


The occupational therapist (OT):

  • understands the child and family’s strengths and challenges
  • creates an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) to address the needs of the child and the family

Therapy Details

The focus of the intervention is to enable children’s participation in their everyday activities such as play with peers, school and self-care which contributes to their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. This is achieved by working on various skills such as cognition, motor, sensory, play and social using various approaches:

Sensory Integration

Aimed at

Children with difficulties processing sensory information from the environment (e.g., sensitivity to loud noises)


Help the child learn ways to organize the sensations so that he/she can participate in their environments


Using specialized equipment such as swings, balls, textured toys, trampoline, etc.

Neuro-developmental Treatment

Aimed at

Children with difficulties controlling movement because of neurological disorders


Address neurological challenges like altered tone, weakness or tightness of muscles to help children move more easily at home and in school


Enhancing motor and play skills by sitting and playing, walking to explore the environment, climbing stairs, etc.

Additional Group Therapies

The Occupational Therapy team at Ummeed also runs various group therapy programs for children with varied diagnosis. Each group follows a structured intervention plan and is run by two therapists. Children are assessed at the start and end of the group intervention and receive individualized home programs for each session.

Happy Hands Club

A fun, play-based way to work on children’s hand and fine motor skills, focusing on pre-writing readiness and social participation

Handwriting Club

A group for children between 7-10 years to participate in group sessions for enhancing the legibility and speed of their cursive handwriting skills

Buddy Club

A social skills intervention group for children within the age ranges of 7 to 10 years

Learn more about our group therapies

Skills targeted

Motor skills Hand-eye coordination Basic self-care tasks Sensory skills Cognitive and pre-academic skills

The Team

Priti Salunkhe | Santosh Shintre | Anushree Sane | Sonam Shah | Priyanka Khuje | Vrushali Kulkarni | Yugma Malde | Sayali Parab | Dr. Roopa Srinivasan

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