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Training Center Overview

Ummeed’s Training Center is envisioned as a Center-of-Influence in the space of child development and developmental disabilities. Through its training programs, Ummeed hopes to create resources in the wider community that children experiencing developmental disabilities and their families can leverage.

We now have a dedicated 3000 sq foot premises in Parel and a dedicated training team to reach these goals. We are grateful to the Cipla Foundation for their belief in our vision and for being our partners in this endeavor.

Our courses cater to a wide range of audiences from doctors, professionals, community workers, parents, teachers and schools.

Types of Courses

Sensitization workshops (2-4 hours)

Short-term skill building trainings (2-3 days)

Long-term training engagements that include supervision and mentorship


Increased sensitization and awareness about developmental disabilities amongst all stakeholders
Supporting parents in learning about disabilities, advocating for their child, and effectively facilitating their child’s development
Building capacity within not-for-profit organizations and schools for early identification and intervention in children
Training professionals in evidence-based, culturally relevant models of care using the principles of family centered care
Creating greater awareness among policy makers (advocacy)

All our trainings go through a robust process of conceptualization, design, delivery, and outcome measurement. Feedback from our workshops is collated and analyzed at four levels (Level 1 - Reaction, Level 2 - Learning, Level 3 - Behavior, and Level 4 - Results) inspired by, but not limited to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Effectiveness Measurement. This collated feedback informs our ongoing course revisions.

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