Understanding developmental disabilities

Disabilities are not always visible

You play a key role in monitoring your child's development and identifying any signs of delays or challenges.

Early intervention is important

The first three years of a child’s development are the most crucial. Intervention at this stage before any formal diagnosis is essential.

You are not alone

52 million children in India have symptoms of developmental disabilities, and there is a wealth of resources you can leverage for support.

Learn more about developmental disabilities

An informative short video by our founder, Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy

We are here for your child and for you

Our Clinical Services offer evidence-based, transdisciplinary, family-centered care to help children learn, grow and live their lives to the fullest.

We learn and share

Our Training Center offers training, supervision and mentorship to enhance your skills to support children with special needs.

We walk together

Every year we walk 55 km to raise funds for children with developmental disabilities.

We advocate with you for your child

We share best practices to help you advocate for your child and for all children experiencing developmental disabilities.


Reaching out and learning more will lead to a healthier, happier growing environment for your child.