Book by Book: nurturing resilience in children

Upcoming Workshop Dates: To Be Scheduled

Duration: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Language: English

Who can apply: Counselors, social workers, psychologists, therapists, pediatricians, special educators, health workers, teachers, trainers, students,parents

Course Overview

All children are capable of responding to challenges and figuring their ways through adversity. Resilience is the ability to navigate through hard times, failures, challenges and chaotic transitions. It’s a skill that can be nourished in children to support their mental health. And what if children’s books could do that?

What if children’s book were gateways into magical worlds of possibilities? What if children’s book were lighthouses in therapeutic conversations showing hidden pathways to preferred territories? What if characters from children’s books could help us train the worry monster? What if they were the restful island of quiet in the midst of chaotic transitions?

In this two day workshop you will explore:

  • Building blocks of resilience.
  • Skills to choose books that influence resilience
  • Creative ways to introduce these books e.g. Magical Letter writing, Book talks etc