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School Inclusion Training Program

Upcoming Workshop Dates: Varies based on school

Duration: Yearlong training or short term programs

Language: English

Who can apply: Schools who are committed to Inclusive Education

Course Overview

This program involves working with mainstream (and special) schools to promote the building of inclusive environments and practices to support children with varied learning needs in the school context. This includes supporting children with varied needs reach their maximum potential in both academic and social arenas. The training is customized and tailor made keeping in mind the need expressed by the school.

Ummeed views Inclusion as an approach to address these barriers to learning. In working towards achieving this goal, we meet with various stakeholders from the school and facilitate a dialogue to understand the need. Our trainings are tailor-made to fit the needs of the school as expressed by the teachers, supervisors and principals. Through our trainings, we help schools to identify their priorities for their schools and build capacity amongst all the various stake holders to work with children with varied needs. Some of the topics included in our training modules covers, Importance of Inclusion, Understanding of different Developmental Disabilities; Academic and Social Inclusion. After completion of the training, we have our mentorship program in order to offer ongoing support to schools as they work towards engaging children with varied needs in their school context.

The School Outreach Team also conducts short term Awareness and Sensitization programs for Teachers or School Coordinators. Through these programs, we aim to build awareness and promote knowledge about understanding children with varied needs and the importance of including them in schools and in the society at large.