Ummeed-Sethu ECHO ADHD 2022 | Ummeed Child Development Center
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Ummeed-Sethu ECHO ADHD 2022

Upcoming Workshop Dates: 9th June 2022

Duration: 3PM-5PM Alternate Thursdays

Language: English

Who can apply: General Pediatricians, Pediatric Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Developmental Pediatricians

Course Overview

Echo ADHD Online Training Program for Physicians conducted by Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai and Sethu Centre for Child Development & Family Guidance, Goa.

Program Features:

  1. Online Training Program in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Interactive & Case based learning.
  3. Evidence-based practices.
  4. Co facilitated by a multidisciplinary team, and children and parents with ADHD
  5. Free Participation


1. Diagnosis of ADHD including differences in presentations across age & gender.

2. Identification of comorbidities.

3. Management of Simple & Complex ADHD