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Developmental Pediatric Assessment

A session designed to assess the child’s development and address any challenges or special needs

Assessment and Diagnosis

During the first visit, the pediatrician will ask the family about how the child is developing overall. They will also consider mental and physical factors in the child, family and environment that affect his or her development.

The assessment may consist of:

A conversation about the child’s strengths and challenges

Informal play-based techniques

Formal tests and a medical examination

The pediatrician is thus able to assess all developmental areas (gross motor, fine motor, speech and language, academics, self-help skills, social and play skills) to draw up a profile of strengths and challenges of the child, including the nature and reason for these challenges.

Plan of Action

Given the diagnosis, the pediatrician will assist in creating the right plan of action for the child’s difficulties. The plan will include:

Actionable steps families can take at home
Services available at Ummeed

Neurological conditions, genetic and metabolic issues as well as chronic physical medical illnesses can also impact a child’s learning and behavior. The pediatrician will assess how much these affect the child’s development, and thus determine the level and kind of ongoing care required.

Follow Up

Periodic follow-ups uncover patterns in the child’s development by tracking his or her development over time. Through periodic follow-ups, the pediatrician will monitor reports from therapists, parents, and teachers.

Advocate for Child

Ongoing care requires the developmental pediatrician to serve as the child’s advocate.

Coordination of services internally and with external agencies (like schools and other governmental and private service providers) is a key component of care. The Developmental Pediatrician, along with an Ummeed Social Worker, becomes the coordinator of an interdisciplinary team that is working with the child. The Social Worker helps families take control of and improve their lives in conditions where their security, safety or ability to participate is restricted. The Social Worker also closely works with families to assist them in understanding and navigating the larger intervention system and to ensure that a family receives appropriate care and services.

The Team

Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy | Dr. Roopa Srinivasan | Dr. Koyeli Sengupta | Dr. Riddhi Mehta | Dr. Ashwini Marathe | Dr. Mary Kuttikadan

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