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Numeracy Skills Development Program

Upcoming Workshop Dates: To Be Scheduled


Language: English

Who can apply: Special educators, pre-primary and primary teachers, parents

Course Overview

The Numeracy course is a graded and structured mathematics program designed to help parents and teachers of children from nursery to grade 3. Our mantra is teaching through fun and games, using low cost aids and daily life activities. We try to use concrete objects which makes for experiential learning. Participants can purchase teaching aids at cost to enable immediate use of the strategies.

We cover topics such as pre-math concepts, developing number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using tools such as number line and ten frames, and skills such as estimation. We provide detailed handouts with strategies to teach each topic. The course is taught through videos, using teaching aids, and playing math games. Certificates will be awarded on completion of the program.


Train parents/teachers to help their children and students acquire fundamental Math skills in a systematic and structured manner
Train participants to use the child’s interest in games, stories and daily life activities as an effective way to teach numeracy skills