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55Km Walk for UMMEED

A walk to raise awareness about developmental disabilities and support Ummeed's work with children and families

Ummeed's flagship annual fundraising event will be held on

January 16, 2021 in Goa

During this annual event held every January, walkers walk upto 55 km in the course of one day. The day starts at around 5.30 am while the stars are still shining. This first part of the walk is towards the northern end of the beach and back. This is followed by a lunch-break and some relaxation, after which walkers head towards the southern tip and back. This latter portion is often to the accompaniment of a glorious sunset, a nice breeze, and pleasant temperatures.

Shorter walk options (15 and 30 km) are also available. Walkers can use this opportunity to reach out to their friends, family and acquaintances to donate funds to Ummeed in support of their participation in the walk.

The next Walk will be held on January 16, 2021.

Join The Walk

To register, email us at

or call us on 022 6248 8100 / 022 2300 2006