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Ummeed’s Mental Health team uses the Narrative approach: a respectful, non-blaming approach to counselling with children, young people and families.

Therapy Details

The Mental Health team is comprised of trained counsellors, psychologists, a psychiatrist, an occupational therapist and a parent, who support people in making changes that fit with their hopes and values, thereby reducing the effect of the problems on their lives.

Principles of the Narrative approach

  1. People are the experts of their own lives
  2. People are separate from the problems
  3. People have many skills, beliefs, values, and abilities that will allow them to reduce the influence of problems in their lives

The team provides support in a diverse range of situations, including:

Dealing with the effects of initial diagnosis and subsequent stressors

Being included in the school and community after diagnosis

Planning for an uncertain future

Responding to behavioral difficulties, school refusal and mental illness

Addressing the effects of physical or sexual abuse or family violence

Navigating stressful life transitions (e.g., death of a family member, divorce, loss of a job, moving cities, etc.)

Additional Group Therapies

The I’m-perfect Father’s group

A weekly gathering of fathers of children with diverse needs to discuss their journey of fathering, learn skills from each other and support their identities as fathers

Doing Mothering

A weekly gathering of mothers of children with diverse needs to discuss their journeys of mothering, learn skills from each other and support their identities as mothers

The “Life is a Journey” Group

An eight-week program that helps children pack a suitcase of the skills, values and people they will need on the journey towards achieving their goals

The Pen-Pal Project

A project that connects children through letters in order to support one another and develop skills to deal with shared problems

The SiBs Group

A monthly gathering of siblings of children with diverse needs to share their experiences through fun activities to support each other and their siblings

The Team

Jehanzeb Baldiwala | Shamin Mehrotra | Daisy Daruwalla Bhathena | Jill Sanghvi | Raviraj Shetty | Parul Kumtha | Bhavna Lalwani | Tanya Vasunia | Yashna Iyer | Trishala Kanakia | Dr. Pervin Dadachanji

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