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Ummeed is a rapidly growing organization which offers an opportunity to work with a committed, democratic, innovative and transdisciplinary team. We believe each individual brings in their own strengths to the organization which we help flourish with continuous supervision and mentorship. We are looking for individuals who would want to be a part of a team that is whole-heartedly committed to the cause of children with disabilities.

Current Openings

Junior Therapist – Speech Therapy Services

The Junior Therapist – Speech Therapy Services will work with children with developmental disabilities, especially Global Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, specific language impairment, hearing impairment and speech dysfluencies, and will support and help them and their families to develop appropriate goals and implement a treatment plan.

Junior Trainer – School Outreach Services

The School Outreach Team at Ummeed works with schools to promote an inclusive policy, culture and practice for children with varied needs / disabilities in schools. Being on the School Outreach Team will provide an opportunity to advocate and work with various stake holders within schools and in the space of education, create awareness and sensitivity to promote an inclusive environment for children with varied needs.

Junior Therapist – Occupational Therapy Services

The Junior Occupational Therapist will support the Occupational Therapy team in working with families of children with developmental disabilities to develop appropriate goals meaningful to the families and their children. He or she will learn to seamlessly integrate NDT, SI, and family-centered care principles using clinical reasoning.

Junior Social Worker

The Junior Social Worker plays a crucial role in engaging with families in understanding them, their concerns and ensuring that they receive timely trans-disciplinary services within Ummeed.

Producer – Web Platform

The Producer will assist the Programme Manager in managing, tracking and reporting progress across various work streams (Content, Feedback, Dissemination, Resources) of the Platform Project (Video).

Executive / Asst. Manager – Fund Raising & Donor Relations

The Assistant Manager – Fund Raising & Donor Relations will support senior team members in day to day activities pertaining to fund raising and donor management.

Junior – Autism Intervention Therapist

The Junior Autism Intervention Therapist will work with families of children on the Autism Spectrum to develop appropriate goals meaningful to the families and their children, and implement treatment plan to work on core challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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As Ummeed grows in response to the need for our services, we count on the support of volunteers. In the past we have had volunteers that include graduate and post graduate students who are taking a break year, housewives, retired professionals, working professionals and many others who want to make a difference.

Volunteering Basics

  1. Any and all skill sets welcome
  2. Commitment for entire duration of volunteership recommended

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Internships at Ummeed offer the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge to Ummeed's unique approach to working in the space of developmental disabilities.

Internship Basics

  1. Ideal for graduate or post-graduate students
  2. Typically lasts from one to four months
  3. Pro bono (voluntary) and does not guarantee employment

Current Openings

Intern/Volunteer – Communications

The Communications team at Ummeed works towards increasing awareness of the disability space and Ummeed’s work. This position is part time and the team member will be actively involved in supporting the initiatives undertaken by the Communications department.

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The Professional Observers Program offers occupational therapists an opportunity to observe and learn a transdisciplinary, family-centered approach to supporting children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Observership Basics

  1. Two week program
  2. Open to fresh graduates and practicing therapists
  3. Attend lectures and case presentations by Ummeed's team of experienced doctors and therapists
  4. Observe individual and group clinical sessions by Ummeed's team of experienced doctors and therapists
  5. Observerships involve a participation fee

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